Name: Raymond “Ray” Marvin Whidden

Birthday: Virgo born many years ago

Heritage: paternal family traces back to NH 1662 and likely England; maternal family grandparents Jarvinen/Freeman came from Rautalampi, Finland and Syrjala from Somero around 1904.

Lived: in the Peace River country of northern Alberta, Toronto, Richmond Hill, Brampton and Oshawa, Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta

Work: retired but worked in the computer industry most of my life starting when a mainframe computer was 16 KB (that’s kilo or a thousand bytes, not the common MB or GB of 2008 – two thousand and eight – (using the Arabic numbers gives me “200+happy_face” but did that only on this page when I first created it but not later and not on subsequent pages) and before keyboards were added so you had to know your octal notation as you used a control panel with register, memory address and contents button/lights to enter data; of course you just did that to load a card/tape image file which eventually did what you wanted. This also predated hard disk drives – the era of hard disk drums, paper tape and reel-to-reel magnetic tape drives. Memory was magnetic core (4 KB then 16 KB, 32 KB and 64KB modules) , transisters were the latest circuit technology and the pneumatic tape drives didn’t pull and stretch tape like everybody else’s did when you had the inevitable power failure. Eventually operating systems and keyboards/video displays were added with laser printers and other advanced technologies.

Hobbies: reading, travel, science and science fiction, photography, genealogy


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